Tawhidi: The Imam of Opportunism 

This year has been a big one for Mohammad Tawhidi, the self-proclaimed "Imam of peace". He has acquired fame like no other, and rightfully so. An important figure in the Muslim community trying to change the religion from within, which is the only way we can defeat this violent ideology? Perfect. Yet this desire is rendering … Continue reading Tawhidi: The Imam of Opportunism 


US vote against death penalty resolution disappoints, despite justifications

The Trump administration hasn't shied away from calling out Islam and its opposition to apostasy, blasphemy, homosexuality and so on, which is why what happened at the UN last week came as a shock. On Friday the 29th of September, the 47-member UN Human Rights Council voted on a resolution that deals with the question of … Continue reading US vote against death penalty resolution disappoints, despite justifications

In Lebanon, Atheist Muslims Fight

As the Lebanese people gear up for new policies and share speculations on the future leader during election periods, there is no space for speculation about the politician's religious views. Since the agreement of an understanding in 1943, no one but Maronite Christians have held the high office in Lebanon. Similarly, only Sunni Muslims have … Continue reading In Lebanon, Atheist Muslims Fight

Islam as a Cultural Identity

In a new game of identity politics, non-religious people who only culturally identify with a religion are speaking up. Pakistani-Canadian ex-Muslim, Ali Rizvi, recently published a book called 'The Atheist Muslim' in which he describes his journey out of Islam into atheism, and what the seemingly oxymoron title of the book means. The term 'atheist … Continue reading Islam as a Cultural Identity