My Views

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Left condemned the attack, claiming that Islam is not to blame and it is rather grievances and foreign policy that motivated the attackers to carry out what has proven to be evidence for the hypocritical and delusional thinking of the leftists.

The far Right, on the other hand, delved into a just-as-delusional line of thought that can best be represented by Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims from entering the US.

The explanation of the Islam problem as well as the answer to it lies between these two attempts at reasoning.

In relation to my views on god and atheism, I consider myself an atheist purely because of the lack of evidence put forward by believers. Hence, I don’t claim that there is no god, just that there is no reason to believe in one. Atheism for me is not a philosophy, but merely a rejection of a claim that lacks the support it needs to prove itself. If your argument against atheism is that it is like a religion, with Dawkins acting as the almighty equivalent to the all-loving homosexual hater, rethink that absurd argument while keeping in mind what I wrote above.